Historic Joanna Furnace

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Nestled in an area rich with iron ore, abundant woodland for charcoal, limestone, and waterways to provide power, lies Joanna Furnace -- a historic remnant of Berks County's thriving early iron industry. Joanna was a cold blast, single stack, charcoal iron furnace most of her life. Water powered until the mid 1850's, Joanna used steam power after that. At the 1898 death of the ironmaster, L. Heber Smith, the furnace was never again operated.

In 1979 Bethlehem Mines donated the site to the Hay Creek Valley Historical Association.

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1250 Furnace Road
Geigertown, PA 19523

phone: (610) 286-0388

website: Visit Official Web Site
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Located in a historic district

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Partner: Hay Creek Valley Historical Association

Historic Joanna Furnace is located in Berks County, Pennsylvania along Route 10 about 2.5 miles north of exit 22 (Morgantown) of the Pennsylvania Turnpike.


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